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September 12th 2014 - Minnesota Music Cafe - St. Paul, MN

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(+1) 507 317-8965

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TMR Ladies' Fitted Tee
TMR Ladies' Fitted Tee

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TMR Men's Tee
TMR Men's Tee

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TMR Unisex Hoodie
TMR Unisex Hoodie

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Meet The Band

The Mayberry Riot (TMR) is a five piece band, founded in Minnesota. Like the band's name, its music contrasts from hard rock to mellow pop, from playful to serious. Through all of its forms, TMR's distinctive sound and lyrics seek to move the listener's heart and mind with a wide range of musical tastes and backgrounds, making it possible to find common ground with a diverse audience.

  • Treble
    Jin Kim

    Sorority Girl Drinks

  • Treble
    Jason Froehlke

    Gin and Tonics

  • The Wolf
    The Wolf

    Kraken Rum, Gin on the Rocks

  • Treble
    Mark Hedlund
    Bass, Vocals

    Coors Light, and nothing else ever

  • Body
    Jeremy Bode

    Anything labeled "Beer"



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